During my 5 years in Berendsen I have had the pleasure of working close to Chistel and her role as Business Development Manager. Christel shows a fine sense of balance manouvering in a territory with many international stakeholders. The Facility business line revenue of 500 mio EUR today has a business strategy developed with a strong influence from Christel. Christel finds solutions and is a person who never gives up. She is extremely hard working and on top also a very pleasant person. You can always get an advise from Christel and her level of commitment is superb. I can recommend Christel highly as a colleague and as a person.

I can only give Christel my very best recommendations. Besides having an extremely well-equipped professional tool box, she is a people oriented manager, who understands how to make employees grow - confronted with challenging tasks and supported by her strong leadership. She drives organizational change effectively and understands the importance of creating ownership throughout the different layers of the organization. Christel always keeps sight of the overall objective and ensures any initiatives have positive bottom line impacts. On a personal level Christel is easy-going, persistent, engaging and very easy to cooperate with. Any employer will be lucky to have her, and I hope to work with her again at some point.

Christel works with dedication, drive and always delivers high quality.


Christel was initially my direct manager in my first job. She did an excellent job of coaching me and ensuring that I developed and learned a lot from her. Since then we have been working on different projects together in different roles in Berendsen through the last 12 years.


Christel has a very broad business understanding, which gives her the ability to think holistic when she works with a project or a task. She is very skilled at ensuring a project can actually succeed and uses her excellent planning skills to not miss any details and ensure delivery. She always keeps the implementation in mind and how to engage people In the process.


Furthermore, Christel has a personality that is very easy to be around and I have always loved working with her.

She has very high integrity, loyalty and genuinely cares about the people she works with. Christel has my highest recommendations and she is a very special colleague, whom I truly miss.

I worked together with Christel over the last five years in Berendsen and enjoyed her openness and level of knowledge during that time.

Christel is very structured and sharp on deadlines. She delivers results that meet expectations in time despite short deadlines and sometimes chaotic processes and changing deadlines.


In the past she has proven to be flexible and result orientated implementing several projects within the organization. During these projects she managed to change existing cultures, broke down walls and created a successful implementation. I got to know her as a nice colleague that is very empathetic, honest and loyal.

Jeg har benyttet mig af Christels skriftlige kommunikationsevner flere gange i forbindelse med mit CV og ansøgning.


Hver gang har Christel givet mig det resultat jeg ønsker mig. Christel er skarp og grundig. Jeg føler mig altid tryg, fordi jeg ved hun ikke går på kompromis med kvaliteten. Samtidig oplever jeg Christel som værende meget empatisk og går altid til opgaven med stor ydmyghed.


Christel er top professionel og jeg kan kun give hende mine allervarmeste anbefalinger.

Jeg kan på det varmeste anbefale Christel som jeg har haft et rigtig godt samarbejde med gennem flere år.


Christel er meget dedikeret, ansvarsbevidst og med et rigtig godt drive og et højt kvalitetsniveau.


Hun er rigtig god til at få projekter defineret og implementeret til tiden med god værdi gennem et godt samarbejde med alle involverede.

Jeg kan på det varmeste anbefale Christel, som jeg har arbejdet tæt sammen med i flere år.


Christel arbejder dedikeret og leverer altid en høj kvalitet. Christel er dygtig til at afgrænse og styre projekter og forretningsudvikling.


Hun tænker og agerer holistisk og sikrer struktur, eksekvering og gode resultater og altid i et empatisk samarbejde med alle omkring hende.

Har samarbejdet og benyttet mig af Christel´s skarpe kompetencer og brede viden i forbindelse med mit arbejde for at finde mit næste karrierejob.


Udover arbejdet med CV, netværket, kontakter ol., så har og kan Christel også bistå med en bred viden og forståelse i selve rekruttering/headhunter processen.


Dejlig energi, positiv og fremdrift - Kan kun anbefale !

I can highly recommend Christel. I have had the pleasure of working together with Christel for several years. Among other things, we have run projects together.


She is a truly dedicated and competent person, and she has an ability to familiarize herself with the substance - also when the tasks are complex. She ensures both structure and progress. At times we faced adversities, but Christel is a fighter and determined to succeed, and you can always count on Christel to deliver and to meat deadlines.


It is characteristic of Christel that she is not only effective, but also empathizing and caring. This way she contributes to positive atmosphere in a project group. In short, besides being professionally competent, Christel is also a good colleague.